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Transfer to hotels, hotels in Belarus

Decided to have rest or to stay in Belarus for some time?
We are ready to transfer you to any hotel of the country!

Type of car:
Price per kilometer
Simple for 1 hour
Transfer airport Minsk-2
90 kopecks
20 rubles
50 rubles
1 ruble 00 kopecks
20 rubles
60 rubles
Minivan (5-6 seats)
1 ruble 35 kopecks
25 rubles
75 rubles
Minibus (7-8 seats)
1 ruble 50 kopecks
30 rubles
90 rubles
Minibus (17 seats)
2 ruble 50 kopecks
45 rubles
160 rubles
Business class
2 ruble 00 kopecks
40 rubles
150 rubles

Discount for a return trip On the same day until 50% 
he cost of the order includes: 30 minutes of waiting, loading / unloading of things, suitcases,
a children's car seat, pleasant drivers and positive impressions throughout the route. Fix price. Payment by bank card. Check. Wi-Fi.

Hotel  Belarus

Estimation Of The Cost Of The Transfer According To Your Route

To estimate the cost and the distance: enter the address of the starting point of your route (or indicate it on the map), then enter the address of the finishing point of your route.

For example: starting point “National airport Minsk” – destination “Minsk, Vaneeva Street 3”


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