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Transfer from / to Airport Minsk-2

We offer transfer from any part of Belarus!
We fulfill orders of any complexity!

Tariff "transfer airport Minsk-2" is valid only for transfer from / to Minsk
Transfer from other cities is carried out at a tariff per kilometer.

Type of car:
Price per kilometer
Simple for 1 hour
Transfer airport Minsk-2
90 kopecks
20 rubles
50 rubles
1 ruble 00 kopecks
20 rubles
60 rubles
Minivan (5-6 seats)
1 ruble 35 kopecks
25 rubles
75 rubles
Minibus (7-8 seats)
1 ruble 50 kopecks
30 rubles
90 rubles
Minibus (17 seats)
2 ruble 50 kopecks
45 rubles
160 rubles
Business class2 ruble 00 kopecks
40 rubles
150 rubles

Discount for a return trip On the same day until 50%
The cost of the order includes: 30 minutes of waiting, loading / unloading of things, suitcases,
A children's car seat, pleasant drivers and positive impressions throughout the route. Fix price. Payment by bank card. Check. Wi-Fi.

Estimation of the cost of the transfer according to your route

To estimate the cost and the distance: enter the address of the starting point of your route (or indicate it on the map), then enter the address of the finishing point of your route.

For example: starting point “National airport Minsk” – destination “Minsk, Vaneeva Street 3”


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